Sticking it to the Man!: Promoting Women’s Entrepreneurship in the Caribbean


This past week, 144 countries across the world hosted events celebrating the United Nations’ Women’s Entrepreneurship Week (WEW). Women’s Entrepreneurship Week was a week long international effort to raise awareness on issues affecting women internationally and encourage women’s entrepreneurship around the world. Some of the organized activities included celebrating the accomplishments of successful women entrepreneurs, discussing global women’s issues and educating aspiring women entrepreneurs.

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The Role of Youth in the Achievement of the Sustainable Development Agenda

Sustainable development supports the premise of protecting the environment through development projects to improve the world for the next generation, the Youth. Youth are often viewed as dependent beneficiaries of Development and often overlooked as direct contributors to national and international economies. Despite the considerable spending power of the world’s Youth and their growing political consciousness, cultivation of their intellectual capacity is limited to formal education often excluding explicit development of their role as social and economic contributors. Recommendations following UNESCO’s 9th Annual Youth Forum have uniquely positioned world leaders to shift the paradigm of youth’s role in creating sustainable development.

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