Germany and Refugees: The Challenges Ahead


Willkommensklasse in Berlin / Westfälische Nachrichten

It is now projected that over 1 million refugees will make their way to Germany by the end of this year. What will the future look like for those who manage to stay?

So far, German language learning has been a keystone to integration programs. The requirement to enroll in schools varies across German states, but usually comes into effect 3 months after asylum applications are submitted.  Students of all levels join Willkomensklassen, where language acquisition is the main focus. The expectation is that these separate courses will enable refugee children to later join standard classes the next year.

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Measuring English: The Lingua Franca of a Globalized World

“[T]he whole Hong Kong society [has] forced [children] to think since their childhood that English is high class, is superior … If you are not at a school taught in English, you are a second-class student.” – Claudia Mo Man-ching


The EF EPI is the world’s largest ranking of countries by English skills. The fifth edition ranks 70 countries based on test data from 910,000 English language learners.

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