Meet The Global Gang


Daniel West is a 22 year-old graduate of Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA. Originally from Washington, DC  Daniel is currently pursuing a Masters degree in International Educational Development (IEDP) at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education. He has has been privy to a breadth of educational opportunities and situational experiences that have helped shape his interest in education. He was attracted to the IEDP field because of the intersectionality of his personal interest , professional aspirations and educational background.The goal of his contribution to this blog is two fold: Bring awareness to educational reform and development efforts being led by local organizations and persons within “developing countries” Provide an alternative, community centered and relatively non-biased, interpretation of issues affecting “developing countries” and the solutions aimed at addressing them.

293315_2161423043315_1293973493_nRachel Libros is a graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Social Policy and Practice pursuing a M.S. in Nonprofit Leadership. Rachel is interested in international development in East Africa and has spent time living, learning, and working in Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda, as well as in areas of Latin America and Southeast Asia. Interests include the intersection of education, gender equality and community based development. As a student and a blogger, Rachel hopes to continue to challenge her own assumptions and world view through interrogation and exploration of a variety of news sources and discussions with her fellow students.

Neha Raheel is a 23-10620089_10154834672045151_8950482850274060314_oyear-old graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania, Graduate School of Education where she is pursuing an M.S.Ed in Education, Culture and Society (ECS). A student from Pakistan, she was a Humanities Major at the Lahore University of Management Sciences. Her interest in education arose through two ethnographic (qualitative study of people in their own environment, through the use of methods such as participant observation, focus group interviews etc.) studies which she was a part of as an undergraduate – the first one was a collaborative work which investigated the way learning and teaching interacted in a particular culture within the freshman classes at the university; and the second one explored the way the hidden curriculum (“lessons which are learned but not openly intended”) operated in a Pakistan History classroom within a local school. Neha has been an avid debator and has also worked in different parts of the education sector in Pakistan – ranging from working with a startup social enterprise to the Higher Education Commission (which deals with policy formulation). She was also teaching high school Math, coaching parliamentary debates and working with Math curriculum at a school in Pakistan for a year after graduation.

Her current interests include: indigenous curricula and pedagogical practices, globalization, development and history education and citizenship education.

Danchen Wang is a first-year graduate student in International Educational Development Program (IEDP) at Penn GSE. During her school years, she had the opportunities to attend global youth forums in Singapore, Saudi Arabia and Taiwan, which generated her interests in youth communication and globalization. She has worked as a graduate student counsellor in China, responsible for over 200 graduate-level students. Her interests and passion in education grew as she led a volunteer team teaching in a remote rural area of Gansu, China. Her research interests mainly focus on intercultural communication, comparative education, gender equity and educational problems in China. Through the studies at Penn, she hopes to delve deeply into educational theories and practices, learn from her fellows, in order to bring hope to education in China and around the globe.

Dee is a Masters of Environmental Studies graduate student at University of Pennsylvania with a professional concentration in Sustainability. For her undergraduate degree she majored in German and Environmental Studies at Bowdoin College, where she also worked as the German language assistant. Her interest in the German language inspired her to spend two years working as an English teaching assistant in Austria. She hopes to use this blog as a platform to explore international current events and to critically examine future trends in education.

Ivy.H is a 22 years old first year graduate student in International Educational Development,53D56B71-237D-4726-8B66-BC008E5A1C8F Graduate School of Education, University of Pennsylvania. Growing up in Western China, spending four year undergraduate studies in Eastern China, working in Beijing made her realize the great regional disparities on educational issues and decided to participate in development work. Meanwhile she is working in an education technology startup which helping Chinese students attain their educational and professional goals by connecting them with experienced mentors specializing in university admissions, overseas cultural integration, and career planning. In the future, she hopes can use technology, communication and resource sharing to expand education access to people live in remote areas.

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