Why We Do What We Do


Education & The Globe is a graduate student authored blog at the University of Pennsylvania, Graduate School of Education. The blog serves as a space for the authors to offer fresh perspectives, analysis and opinions on globalization and education issues around the world. The authors are 6 wonderfully talented and diverse students enrolled Dr. GK’s Basic Education in Developing Countries EDUC 514 course. All of the authors come from different socioeconomic, geographical and educational backgrounds, with each contributing a unique piece of the blog that can only come from the world-views particular to their personal narrative.

As such a diverse group of authors, we have come to realize the value in our differences and it is in this spirit that we have developed this blog. This blog is intended to challenge, develop, educate and entertain anyone who has a knack for seeking a second opinion or learning something new. Our blog is the common ground for the stay at home mom and the college grad suffering from wanderlust. We write for the high school students looking for a cool project idea as well as the professor looking for a provocative idea to start off her next class. We seek to raise awareness and inform the general public about challenges faced across the world by people who have no voice and would otherwise go unnoticed. In hopes of bridging the gaps caused by differences across the world, we encourage you to take an active role in helping us build those bridges. When you get a chance leave comment, ask a question or respond to a question, you can even spark or in engage in a (RESPECTFUL) debate.

Socrates once said: “The only true wisdom is knowing that you know nothing”. Let Education & The Globe be the place where you can piece together your unique nothingness with someone-else’s so that we can all navigate the collective ignorance of the world in solidarity.